At Danform we attach great importance to sustainability. Our photovoltaic system has been in operation since 2013 and produces about 10% of our electricity needs.

Through our modern heating system, we are independent of oil or gas. We heat our entire company with wood chips and waste resulting from the manufacture of our products.

In order to optimize the energy saving costs, we have converted the lighting to LED technology throughout the company. In addition, an energy management system was established.

Energy Report

In 2020 the energy sources shown were consumed. The largest amount of energy, approx. 69% of the total energy consumption, is converted by wood into thermal energy. However, the wood chips do not cause any energy costs and only 27% of the total CO2 emissions. The electricity consumption amounts to about 26% of the energy consumption and has - with about 86% of the energy costs and 57% of the CO2 emissions - the most significant influence on energy costs and anthropogenic climate change.


With regard to the sustainability of forestry, our products are certified according to FSC®.